Mitsunori Kimura, 'Navigation & Trajectory' 전시 예정 (10.24-12.13)
 작성자 : 최고관리자
Date : 2015-10-14 17:10  |  Hit : 2,007 [1242] [1919]

작가Mitsunori Kimura (Japanese, b. 1983)

전시제목 'Navigation & Trajectory'

전시기간.  2015.10.24 – 2015.12.13

전시장소.  Aomori Contemporary Art Center (ACAC)


참여작가Mitsunori Kimura  외 KAMO Akira(일본), LO Yi Chun (대만), Noemi  

               NIEDERHAUSER (스위스) 총 4명의 작가 참여

The creation of art, which originates within an artist and is profoundly linked to human existence, can be interpreted as humanity’s act to leave its mark on the world. Art may emerge from the union of experiences and lengthy periods of trial and error, or it may spring from an innovative series of activities as a movement. But regardless of its intended purpose, art cannot be dogmatized as an isolated end product. Rather, similar to humanity’s continually changing existence, the creative process is just that: an ongoing process in which the thought and action that go into art are inextricably linked to any subsequent possibilities.

Under the title of Navigation & Trajectory, we invite artists who attempt to unite past time and space with the present to build value for the future. We will think about lasting forms of expression by way of expression.