KIAF Participation Notice
Booth B -73 

옥승철 Seungcheol OK
이혜인 Hyein Lee 
Thanks Giving Notice
Gallery Kiche is closed from 7th of September till 15th of September. We wish everybody peaceful Thanks Giving Holidays and are looking forward to seeing you refreshed after the break again at our Gallery
대구미슬관 전시_ 옥승철

Gallery Kiche is pleased to announce Seungcheol Ok's participation in the upcoming <Pop/Corn> exhibition at Daegu Museum of Art from the 11th of June ~ 29th of September. 

Art Busan 2019

Booth E -2 

옥승철, 김하나, 미츠노리 기무라, 백민준
Seungcheol Ok, Hana Kim, Mitsunori Kimura, Minjune Baik 
일상ㆍ경험 속 찰나 꿈틀거리는 붓질

김미영 개인전 <Painted Painting> 이 한겨레에 2019년 1월 25일 리뷰 되었습니다.

Meeyoung Kim's solo exhibtion <Painted Painting> has been reviewed and published (25.01.2019).

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